About Us

Gameumentary started with a single idea.

To create a website that tackled modern games journalism from a new perspective, one that was wholly unique from what any other site was doing.

We are not a daily news website. You won’t find a constant stream of updates that tell you exactly what a thousand other sources already have. We’re making a conscious choice to give our readers something entirely different than what they’re used to seeing. Instead of trumped up press releases or clickbait articles with no real substance to them, we’re going to be covering what we as video games journalists and enthusiasts truly care about–the stories behind the games.

You’ll see in-depth interviews with developers about their struggles and successes in the industry. Feature stories that dive head on into the problems, advances and unique situations facing video games today. Articles that focus on composers, programmers, artists, level editors–you name it. If there’s a story to tell, then we’ll pursue it.

We believe that telling these stories and preserving the history of video games, and of the people who make them, is absolutely essential.

So if that sounds like something you’re interested in, then you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Gameumentary.