Alien: Isolation Sequel Rumor Potentially Debunked

If you were hoping the rumor about a sequel to Alien: Isolation was true, you might be in for a disappointment.

Following the rumor that originated with OPM, Eurogamer’s own sources have told them the rumor is false. “Although the Halo Wars 2 team has already started prototyping its next project, likely to be a couple of years away from completion, this won’t be an Alien title,” stated the Eurogamer piece.

The Eurogamer article also indicates that many of the original designers on Alien: Isolation no longer work at The Creative Assembly. This was discovered by cross-referencing the credits section in Halo Wars 2 and Alien: Isolation.

SEGA didn’t have much to say about the rumor, as you’d probably expect. As we pointed out in our original post on this rumor, Alien: Isolation didn’t quite meet the sales expectations of SEGA so this may not come as a surprise to many.

Regardless, we will keep our eyes open for any further rumblings about Alien: Isolation. The Creative Assembly has a number of unannounced projects in the work, so who knows what they’re working on next.