Gameumentary Kickstarter Campaign is Now LIVE


We’ve been teasing you for the past few months now about some big plans that we’ve had in the works, and today is finally the day to start revealing to you what we’ve been working on.

When we launched Gameumentary, we promised ourselves we’d do something different. We knew we wanted to do documentaries, but we didn’t know how we were going to do them. We’re all volunteers and don’t really have a budget to be doing this sort of thing. When we started sending out pitches in October 2016, we didn’t even have a proof of concept to show developers to show we even had the ability to do this sort of thing.

Fast forward to almost a year later, and we’ve got our first documentary out the door and we’ll be heading to Boston on August 6th to film our second one covering The Deep End Games…but that’s not all. For the past few months we’ve been sending out pitches, and communicating with other developers who are interested in doing a documentary with us and we’ve lined up a number of projects to keep us busy for quite a while…

…and I think we’re going to surprise you with what we’ve lined up.

However, we could really use your help to make sure all of these projects become a reality for us. We’ll be looking to raise $22,000 over the course of a month to cover the costs of purchasing the equipment we need to film these documentaries instead of renting it out and cover our travel expenses to reach distant lands to share these stories.

The Kickstarter will officially launch on July 31st, so we’ll be using this entire week to start drumming up support for it. To do this, we’ll have a new announcement to share with you each day this week, and we’ll also be utilizing Thunderclap (link will go live for that in a couple days). With our reach being so limited, helping spread the word about Gameumentary and our upcoming campaign via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, wherever really, is just as valuable to us as the money we’re looking to raise.

The Gameumentary team is excited to start sharing our upcoming plans with you this week and we hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey by supporting our efforts in sharing the stories from the developers of the games we play.