Phoenix Point – Focus is on Single Player Campaign, Will Have Destructible Environments & More

Snapshot Games’ Phoenix Point campaign launched earlier today and Julian Gollop has been answering quite a few questions in the comments section.

Instead of writing out a super wordy article explaining everything that Gollop said, I will list out all the important details he’s revealed in the comments section in a bullet style for easy reading. If you’re interested in the story and the reveal trailer, follow the link.

The vibe we are going for is modern Lovecraftian horror – so fear, panic and insanity will all play a role.


Our focus is very much on the single player campaign, and we are aiming for something deep and involving, and highly replayable.


Buildings and terrain are planned to be fully destructible.


Modding support is being considered as either a stretch goal, or a post-release update. Not a super high priority.


Co-op is unlikely to be included in the initial release.


Explanation of use of time units – It’s a hybrid – you have a move and shoot action as standard, but you can use ‘will points’ to extend or add actions depending on abilities, plus if you spot an enemy your movement is stopped and you can react – either by moving or shooting.


Phoenix Point will not have a pod system and there will be in-battle inventory management. There will be much more flexibility in squad sizes, typically 6-12 – but you will find that lack of recruits and injuries will be a factor limiting your squad sizes.


The geoscape in Phoenix Point is a proper strategic level map with Pheonix bases, havens, alien structures, scavenging sites, vehicles and giant alien land walkers all positioned – plus a dynamic economy, haven leaders, faction leaders and diplomatic relations.

You can find all these details in the comments section of Phoenix Point‘s backer campaign. Unfortunately their comments section doesn’t have permalinks to comments so I can’t tag each one of these individually. Thankfully there’s a little function you can use on your keyboard called “control-f” if you’d like to find these answers on your own.

We will keep checking back in on the Phoenix Point FIG campaign for more details about the game as they pop up. Stay tuned to Gameumentary on Facebook and Twitter for further updates.