The original creator of X-COM, Julian Gollop, has been hard at work over the past year on a new project that expands on the turn-based tactical combat genre in new and exciting ways.

Phoenix Point was quietly announced over a year ago as a few select press outlets were shown demos of the game back at E3 2016. Snapshot Games launch a FIG campaign today for Phoenix Point as the project seeks $500,000 for development.

A trailer for the game accompanied the launch of the FIG campaign which gives us a pretty in-depth look at the game. The gist of it is that melting permafrost released a dormant alien virus  =into the oceans and thus set off a spiral of events that has led to the destruction of the human race.

According to the video, the aliens control the seas, humans control the skies and both are fighting for control of the land. The virus mutates any species it comes in contact with, which has allowed for Gollop and his team to create a wide range of rather disgusting looking creatures. This comes into play during combat as well. If your strategy is working a little too well against the aliens, they can mutate and create new challenges for you to overcome.

The game takes place in a dynamic world that will have you contending with other human factions that you can either make alliances with or enter conflict. These types of choices, according to the video, will either help advance or disrupt your cause fighting back the aliens.

Havens will frequently request assistance fighting off alien incursions, but sometimes you will be asked to intervene in a conflict between the human factions. You will get involved in kidnaps, rescues, assassinations, sabotage, infiltration, haven takeovers and base defence missions. You will need to find out what happened to the Phoenix organisation, which involves remote locations and some missions with an archaeological aspect. Then there are the assaults on alien bases and the giant alien land walkers. – FIG campaign page

From the sounds of it, Phoenix Point will have an emergent storyline that is heavily dependent on your choices in the game and I’m always up for those. The FIG campaign for Phoenix Point runs for 43 more days if you’re interested in backing it.

As someone who doesn’t have much experience in turn-based games, I have to say I’m pretty excited to learn more about Phoenix Point and play it at some point. Currently the game is planned for a PC release in late 2018.