Reviews Policy


If you would like Gameumentary to review your game, please don’t hesitate to ask. Shoot an email to the Owner,, or the Editor-in-Chief,, and we’ll be happy to review it. Please note that we will always give our honest opinion, and strive to give the most professional and comprehensive feedback.

We may take a bit longer than other sites to get our reviews up, as our writers thoroughly take every game element into consideration before finalizing their impressions; we take great pride in providing non-biased reviews that reflect the author’s opinion. We cover both single player and multiplayer games for PC and console.

Our scoring rubric is a simplified three-category system: Recommend, Consider, and Avoid. Each description below applies to the entire game, covering, but not limited to: story, gameplay, graphics, and sound.

Any questions regarding clarification of this policy can be directed to the Owner or the Editor-in-Chief. We reserve the right to turn down any review for any reason.


Recommend: This game excels in two or more areas and provides players with a rewarding experience. Perfection is not an absolute prerequisite for a recommendation, but what flaws this game has (if any) do little to detract from everything the game has done right. A detailed world, an emotional story – this game pulls out all the stops, and the amount of work that has gone into it is clear.


Consider: While this game may excel in one or more areas, those who have yet to play it should take into consideration the shortcomings explained in the review, whether that would be a lackluster story, mechanical issues, genre-related content, or anything in-between. Some players may still enjoy the experience, but others may not. Please note that a ‘Consider’ rating is not a neutral rating.


Avoid: This game has severe shortcomings in two or more areas that heavily dampen the players’ experience. Whether mechanical issues make it frustrating to progress efficiently or the story seems like it never left the first draft stage, there are flaws severe enough for us to say that your time and money would be better spent on something else.