If you would like Gameumentary to review your game, please don’t hesitate to ask. Shoot an email to the Owner, nick.calandra@gameumentary.com, or the Editor-in-Chief, joanna.nelius@gameumentary.com, and we’ll be happy to review it. Please note that we will always give our honest opinion, and strive to give the most professional and comprehensive feedback.

We may take a bit longer than other sites to get our reviews up, as our writers thoroughly take every game element into consideration before finalizing their impressions; we take great pride in providing non-biased reviews that reflect the author’s opinion. We cover both single player and multiplayer games for PC and console.

Our scoring rubric is a classic 10-point scale, divided into four distinct categories for reviews: Story, Gameplay, Graphics, and Sound. Each category receives an individual score, which are averaged together to score the game as a whole. Each description below applies to the entire game and each category.

Any questions regarding clarification of this policy can be directed to the Owner or the Editor-in-Chief. We reserve the right to turn down any review for any reason.


10 – This is the stuff legends are made from. A game with a 10 rating is so near perfection in every major category that any criticism would be nitpicking. Very few games receive a score like this. Any 10s should be an indicator to check it out, even if it’s not a genre or franchise you would seek out.

9 – A solid game that comes highly recommended. Any flaws in this game are inconsequential to the overall experience, and would be a game that often comes up in your list of personal favorites. It’s a game you could play again and again, and may even rack up over 100 hours of playtime.

8 – There are a few flaws that seem to have been accidently overlooked, but nothing a few basic patches can’t fix. The amount of things this game has done right make it a well-rounded, great experience. Like a 9, you might find yourself revisiting this game again for a second playthrough.

7 – This game has a lot of nice things going for it: a gripping story, innovative mechanics, a well-composed soundtrack. You may not recommend this game to everyone, but those that you do you know won’t let some of the stranger nuances destroy their experience.

6 – While this game won’t win Game of the Year, there is at least one element that stands out well, whether it’s good dialogue, beautiful scenery, or fluid gameplay. We may wish that the same love and attention to detail was put into all elements of this game, but there’s something about it that was still enjoyable.

5 – A strictly average game – a game that gets the job done, but does not break or reinvent any artistic boundaries. It may fair better or worse, depending on how the individual categories rate, but a 5 does not mean that a game should be avoided at all costs.

4 –This game sees its players persevering through, in hopes that it will get better, or that something interesting will happen. Unfortunately, some players never see the end of this game. Those that do, might not have positive things to say about it.

3 – This game has a tendency to eject players out of the experience at many points. Depending on what category receives a 3, this could make the difference between taking a break from his game, or never returning.

2 – While this game is still playable in some regards, if it receives a 2 in any category or as a whole, the problems are not something that a few simple patches can fix – back to the drawing board with this game.

1 – This game is unplayable, failing to adequately deliver a complete story, working mechanics, or a combination of the two, plus other numerous bugs. It should have never been released in its current state.