Call of Duty is going back to its World War II roots…

…and I could not be happier about it.

Listen: I have a love hate relationship with Call of Duty. Just about every person I know will talk about the games like they’re the biggest heaps of garbage on this earth, but they aren’t. Call of Duty has always been a good series that goes above and beyond in terms of delivering a whopping amount of content and fun gameplay.

Maybe the campaigns haven’t always been the best. Maybe at times it feels like things have been copied and pasted over through each iteration. But there’s a reason Call of Duty sells millions of copies each year. It’s fun and it’s, quite honestly, addictive. I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours I put into Modern Warfare, World at War, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops 2 and 3 (yea, I omitted Ghosts, and for good reason).

I played Advanced Warfare a bit, but not nearly as much as Black Ops 3. As for Infinite Warfare, I’ve maybe played an hour or two’s worth of multiplayer. It’s not necessarily the series that I’m burnt out on, but more so the futuristic stuff and how far Call of Duty has strayed from its roots with all the jumping around and crazy new classes they’ve introduced.

The mere fact that Activision and Sledgehammer Games are taking Call of Dutyback to its roots” has me incredibly excited. The World War II setting is just a bonus for me and a big one at that since I’ve been begging for Call of Duty to go back to World War II for years.


However, there’s a few things Activision and Sledgehammer need to do with the series to have me fully on board. For starters, they need follow the model set by Ubisoft and keep all the future DLC maps free so that the playerbase doesn’t split. After witnessing just how well the model works for Rainbow Six Siege and Halo 5, Activision needs to follow-suit.

Secondly, if Call of Duty is really going back to its roots, it needs to do just that. Don’t fill the game with all the fluff that recent entries in the series have included. Yes, I’m talking about endless amounts of microtransactions and supply boxes to earn different loot (yes, I know this stuff will more than likely be included). Just go back to earning all your equipment based on XP and level-gains and I’ll be happy.

Last but not least, and there’s no way they’re not including this: a current-gen take the Normandy Beach landings. As an added bonus, bring Hans Zimmer back to do the soundtrack. I miss his god-like tunes in Call of Duty titles.

The official Call of Duty: World War II  reveal is set for April 26. Expect another opinion piece from me on that when we know more about what’s coming with Call of Duty: World War II.



  • I thought Advanced Warfare’s campaign was the best one of the recent CODs, so I have faith that Sledgehammer can deliver something interesting. They one-upped Battlefield 1 on the dumb name though.

  • I really hope they will go back to ww2 mode again
    A new story would be great
    But would find it even better if they were remastering the old call of duty world at war
    But there’s one thing that’s really necessary and that’s that they make it realistic again like before with the old call of dut world at war
    Bodies flying in pieces with a grenade or tank shovel
    I miss this in every subsequent part of the last call of duty series
    And find that real a big disappointment, the game has become a thing of my mind, but has become less
    I hope they will fit it again
    Because the goal in the game world is to make the games ever more realistic and graphical and if you remove something that would happen in real life a big disappointment
    This is my only drawback that I regret and what made the game less beautiful / fun / realistic and big
    May it ever return to that state then you will see that it is getting much bigger than before