10 Days Left On Our Kickstarter Campaign – Let’s Make This Happen Together!

Hi everyone!

Apologies for not posting a Week in Review for the past couple weeks again. As you know, we’re running our Kickstarter campaign to fund our documentaries and that has kept me busy literally 24/7. I’ve probably gotten less than five hours of sleep per night over the past month. Between waking up to answer emails, post on social media and everything else I’ve had to do, it has been a full-time job on its own!

So far we’ve been doing pretty well! We’ve just surpassed 35% of our goal with 10 days left in the campaign, which is actually better than you might think. I’ve studied a lot of similar campaigns, and we’re at about the same point those campaigns were percentage wise at this point in the campaign. It’s incredibly stressful to be this close to the end and see how much we still have to raise, but I’m confident we can do it.

Backers of our campaign now have Early Access to our Bioshock feature which will be released to the public on Monday. If you haven’t heard of this little side project yet, it’s called Designing the Opening Level of Bioshock With Bill Gardner and what we expected would be a 20-25 minute interview turned into about 40 minutes. It’s actually quite insane to hear just how much thought goes into the smallest details in the opening level of a video game where you have to hook the player in for the rest of the game.

So far the feedback on it has been great, and we’re excited to see people’s reaction to it on Monday. It just happens to be releasing on the 10th anniversary of Bioshock’s release too, so that kinda worked out perfectly!

We’re also starting to put together the first little teaser for our Deep End Games documentary. You should see that within the final five days of the campaign.

If you haven’t backed yet, now would be a great time to do it! Even if you only back us at the $1 level, every little bit helps. Thanks everyone and be on the lookout for new feature article content starting on Monday.