An Update On Gameumentary

Avatar Nick Calandra | February 1, 2017 0 Likes

Hi everyone,

After some discussion over the past few weeks about how we should look to increase our content output, we have decided to add an opinion section to Gameumentary. This section of the site will not be featured on the front page as our primary focus will remain on providing you with in-depth feature articles covering a wide range of subjects.

While we did not originally plan to have an opinion section on the site, we came to the realization that we are still in-fact games journalists and would like to continue providing our own commentary on the industry and games we play.

Obviously, adding some opinion to the site will help push some traffic numbers as well which is important for us to grow. We’re not barring any content from the opinion section yet, but you can be assured that it won’t be abused to push our own agendas or write articles about why such and such console is better than the other. We hate writing pieces like that as much as you hate reading them. So we won’t do that.

Features and analysis will remain our absolute priority here at Gameumentary, but in the downtime between these big features (which are a lot of work) we may post an opinion piece here or there to keep the site current. If you have any thoughts or comments on this announcement, please feel free to post in the comments.

Thanks for your understanding and support of our content.

  • The Gameumentary Team