Announcing Gameumentary Short Docs

Every developer has a story. We’re here to tell it. When the former members of OnlySP and I set out to create this new outlet we promised ourselves to...

Every developer has a story. We’re here to tell it.

When the former members of OnlySP and I set out to create this new outlet we promised ourselves to do something different. We didn’t want to share the same stories every other outlet was posting. We didn’t want to be involved with the drama, or the clickbait. We wanted to share stories with you that you want to read about.

So far, I think we’ve been successful in providing that. However, talking with developers and other industry folk over Skype is only part of the story. We wanted to do something different with Gameumentary. Something nobody would really expect a team of volunteers to do.

Today, I’m happy to announce that Gameumentary will be producing short documentaries. Every developer has a story to tell. We’re here to tell it.

Late last year when we decided to start Gameumentary, I sent out a pitch to a bunch of different developers. That pitch included plans to do a short documentary shoot about their team and studio. In December we got the confirmation that the project was a go, and we booked our flights in January. The entire site was founded on the basis that we would accomplish our goal of doing short documentaries. Maybe you figured that out yourselves via the name, GameUMENTARY 😉

We left for Seattle on the 20th of March.

The video you watched was just a very quick look behind the scenes, with some short clips from footage that might actually be used in the final doc video. You may have also noticed we actually have an animated logo now. There’s a story behind that too. Essentially, the unfolding triangle represents the unfolding of a story.

We’re planning for our documentaries to be slightly different from what you might see elsewhere. While our main focus will be games and the developers that make them, we also want to give you a glimpse at the locations they’re working in. The environment the developers work in is an important part of the story and we want to include that in our docs.

In all my years of doing games journalism, I’ve never had more fun than the four days we spent in Seattle working on this project. We spent our own money to get out to Seattle and utilized some rather expensive rented camera equipment. Basically, we had no budget for this project. It was our intent to prove to ourselves, and to you, that we could do this with little to no backing. Needless to say, we’re already in the process of getting our next one planned.

We hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes video! We can’t wait to get this doc out into the world and to hopefully start work on our next one soon. The first trailer for the doc will drop on April 15th, and we plan to have the full doc out in early May.

The whole Gameumentary team would like to thank Runic Games for allowing us to come out and do this project. They were fantastic to work with and provided us with some great interview material. We couldn’t have asked for a better first studio to do this with.

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