Announcing Project 2 – The Deep End Games & Perception

Avatar Nick Calandra | July 10, 2017 7 Views 0 Likes


The Gameumentary team is excited to announce that our next documentary will cover the unique and personal story of Bill and Amanda Gardner, their studio, The Deep End Games, and their recently released game, Perception.

Kyle, Celia, and I will be making our way out to Boston during the second week of August to produce our second project and we are super excited about it. As I mentioned in this week’s Week in Review, our second documentary will have a much different feel and tone compared to what we produced with Runic Games.

We’re going to get personal with the developers and really explore their story not just in game development, but as ordinary people as well. We’ll also be mixing things up a bit and providing you with a look at real-world locations and stories that influenced Perception. We can’t talk specifics, but we won’t be just filming the interior of a studio (or I guess basement in this case!) this time around.

Bill and Amanda Gardner are just as excited as we are to film this documentary and wanted to send in a message along with our announcement post! We’ll have more exciting announcements to make in the next week or so, so stay tuned to Gameumentary.