Call of Duty: WWII – Leaked Campaign Details, Features A Standalone Co-operative “Story”

Some leaked marketing materials have provided us with some interesting new details about Call of Duty: WWII.

The marketing materials confirm that part of the campaign will feature D-Day (I asked for this), along with a number of other locations around Europe. There’s no mention of the Pacific Theater of War, so it sounds like the story will be completely set in Europe as of now.

From the looks of it, we’ll also be sticking with the same squad of soldiers throughout the entirety of the campaign. According to the leaked promo, “Call of Duty: WWII tells the story of the unbreakable brotherhood of common men fighting to preserve freedom in a world on the brink of tyranny. Players enlist in a gritty, intense journey through the battlegrounds of war.”

Other outlets have already noted that if you look closely at the cover art that was officially released, you can see a squad of soldiers (and possibly dog) in the eyes of the soldier.

Call of Duty: WWII will also reportedly feature a standalone co-operative mode that will include a “new and original story.” The promo doesn’t call it a campaign, so I’m more inclined to think the mode is something akin to Call of Duty: Ghosts extinction-mode than zombies.

The worldwide reveal for Call of Duty: WWII is set for April 26 at 10 A.M. PST. Stay tuned to Gameumentary for continued updates as we learn more about the game’s campaign, co-operative modes and multiplayer.