Developer of ‘Hatred’ Is Working On New Viking Themed RTS Title, Ancestors

The studio known for their highly controversial title, Hatred, has announced a new, much less controversial game today called Ancestors.

Destructive Creations burst onto the scene a few years ago when they announced Hatred, a game that essentially tasked you with murdering people without remorse. It was met with harsh criticism from quite a few outlets, and some even avoided covering the game. Regardless, the game fared well with players on Steam, which as of today, still shows a Mostly Positive rating for the title.

Their next title takes the studio in a much different direction – the Middle Ages. Ancestors is a real-time strategy game, and the developer says, “Those unfamiliar with the genre should find this title to be a great starting point.”

Destructive Creations haven’t released many details about the game itself just yet, but they’ve released a few screenshots to hold you over while you wait for more information. Ancestors will offer both single player and multiplayer modes, with the campaign focusing on historical events.

A cinematic reveal trailer was also released alongside the announcement, but doesn’t exactly represent what the actual gameplay will be like in the final game.

I say that because comments on YouTube and elsewhere are categorizing the game as something similar to Ryse: Son of Rome. Let us know what you think of Destructive Creations’ latest title in the comments section and stay tuned to Gameumentary for continued updates.