Duo Review – A New Show Coming to Gameumentary

While written feature content is still a major focus here at Gameumentary, we’re also expanding our efforts on the media side of things. In July, we’ll introduce you to two new shows we’re working on, one of which is called, Duo Review.

So what’s this show about? Well, it’s about video game reviews.  When websites review video games they normally have one person write the review and that opinion is treated as the official opinion of the site, regardless of what other people who have played the game think about it. We’re going to try something new with reviews.

For Duo Reviews, we’ll have two of our staff members play and complete the same game during the same time-period, and instead of writing a written review, they’ll come together and simply discuss the game in a review-like format. The point of the show is to present you with two different opinions, with the two staff members essentially sharing and debating their thoughts on the game they played through.

At the end of the episode, they’ll decide, together, to either Recommend, Consider or Avoid the game for the final “score”.

We’ll still be writing traditional reviews here on Gameumentary, but we hope you find this alternative method to reviewing video games interesting and enjoyable to listen to. The first episode of Duo Reviews will go live during the first week of July and will feature Joanna and Ian talking about the recently released Lovecraftian narrative adventure, Conarium.

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