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Hey everyone,

My name is Joanna Nelius, Editor-in-Chief of Gameumentary. I want to begin by saying that I am incredibly honored to be able to help build this gaming feature outlet from the ground up. When Nick initially approached me with his plan to start this website, and asked if I wanted to come aboard, I was thrilled. I’m humbled to be able to contribute from a position that comes with an intimidating amount of responsibility, but, needless to say, I am stoked.

It wasn’t until I started writing about video games that I realized how much I admired them as a storytelling medium, especially with indie games like Oxenfree, Life is Strange, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Inside, and That Dragon, Cancer. There’s power in a good story, and where there’s power there is art.

I share Nick’s sentiments about staying completely away from writing news articles, focusing on the bigger picture instead and “the incredible stories behind the people developing these [gaming] experiences.” For me, the most realistic graphics nor the latest and greatest game engine will ever be more important than the story. Stories move and inspire us, whether fictional or real. Our focus here is stories from the games themselves, developers, artists — you name it. Could there be anything more to love than that? Well, maybe bread. I love bread.

Seriously though — if you haven’t yet, wander on over to our About Us page; the part that encapsulates the very core of our site is our desire to “preserve the history of video games and the stories of people who make them.” Staying true to our mantra, I see Gameumentary producing creative, engaging, and thought-provoking material for the long-haul. I want you to visit Gameumentary over and over again because we provide unique, quality content, and because you connect with not only the stories we tell, but also with us. We’ll be curators of video games by showcasing the passion and talent behind them. We’ll be be a safe haven away from clickbait, flamebait, and every other kind of bait — a place where we foster intelligent conversation.

Before I close, I feel I should give you a little insight in to my background: I didn’t plan to get into gaming journalism. It just “happened.” After writing editorials for a crowdsourced game review website, I started writing reviews and narrative analysis pieces for Only Single Player, where I met Nick and all the other writers here at Gameumentary. The meat of my writing background has little to do with journalism — I’ve completed an undergraduate degree in English: Writing and a graduate degree in Screenwriting — but it has everything to do with telling stories. I am currently finishing up a second graduate degree in Creative Writing, and I hope to be able to publish my novel (aka my thesis) after I graduate. I also serve in an editorial capacity for a couple other non-gaming related publications.

As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions on what you would like to see covered. We want you to enjoy our interviews, reviews, and other articles just as much, if not more, than we enjoy writing them. We’ll have a few surprises for you in the coming months, so kick back with a cup ‘o joe (or a cuppa) and settle in for some good stories.

I am excited to start this journey with you and the rest of the Gameumentary team.

  • Joanna – Editor-in-Chief

  • Stephen Wright

    I second your comment about indie games. It’s great that they can execute storytelling so well because they don’t have to worry about development costs in other areas unlike bigger-budget games. But you’re right. Bread is great too. I guess if you combine your two favourite things, indie games and bread, you have I Am Bread.

    • Someone made an indie game about corn — it’s about time someone does it about bread.