Explore a Fallen Mythical Society in Story-Puzzle Game, Peregrin

Announced back in February, Peregrin is an interesting looking new title from the developers at Domino Digital Limited.

Categorized as a story-puzzle game, Peregrin is set in a “world of a mythical fallen society torn asunder by a war with the gods.” The game utilizes a top-down point of view and features some beautiful imagery that the developer describes as being inspired by 70s sci-fi book covers.

The game follows the story of Abi as she treks across the world to end the war with the gods. The game features a number of different gameplay elements including environmental puzzles, combat and, from the looks of it, some dialogue with other characters to learn about their history.

You can watch the reveal trailer for Peregrin at the top of this post. No platforms or a release date have been announced as of yet. We will be reaching out to Domino Digital Limited soon to see about lining up an interview to learn more about the game and its unique art style.