Far Cry 5 is Set in Montana, Full Reveal Coming This Friday

Avatar Nick Calandra | May 22, 2017 4 Views 0 Likes


Ubisoft will be revealing the next entry in the Far Cry series proper this Friday.

The game, as rumored, is set in Montana and is not a “spaghetti western” as many outlets speculated it to be. A poster on Reddit may have leaked extra information about the game, including the basic premise of who/what you’ll be fighting against in Far Cry 5.

Keep in mind to take the information listed below with a grain of salt until the official reveal this Friday.

The general thrust of this game is that it will take place in present day, and feature the protagonist taking on a Jim Jones or David Koresh-like religious cult in a small town in Montana that’s been populated by, essentially, Doomsday-preppers bent on furthering their cause. So, modern-day weaponry and modern-day vehicles, plus a hilly, mountainous backdrop.

There’s plenty of other details in the post on Reddit, but I think what I shared above is probably the most important tidbit. You can check out the full post for yourself at the link if you want to learn more. Again, the information in that post may be out of date or completely false so take it with a grain of salt.

A short teaser was released today which you can view at the bottom of this post. To say the least, it depicts pretty much what the leak seems to indicate the game is about.

Stay tuned to Gameumentary for more details on Far Cry 5 and a reaction editorial when the game is properly revealed this Friday.