Gameumentary Will Shift Full Attention To Media Content At The End of September

Hello everyone, For the past nine months we’ve been working hard to bring you feature content as often as we could, and we did it quite successfully. Unfortunately, this...

Hello everyone,

For the past nine months we’ve been working hard to bring you feature content as often as we could, and we did it quite successfully. Unfortunately, this content just isn’t being read. Even when it’s shared quite a bit on social media, we’re still lucky to break 1,000 views on a story. That’s the honest truth.

We’ve been contemplating for a few months now which direction we want to take Gameumentary in, and after the Kickstarter campaign, the answer is clear. For the time being we need to put 100% of our focus on media.

I love writing, and I love reading the feature stories we put out, but the written market is almost impossible to break into at this point. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that most people just aren’t taking the time to read these kind of articles anymore, and instead of trying to force the market to be something it doesn’t want to be we’ve decided to make a greater push into visual media. Beyond that, if an article is shared on Reddit, chances are it’ll be downvoted the moment it’s posted. N4G doesn’t read this kind of content typically. And without a large following on social media, it’s hard to get any attention to the articles we write unless we constantly spam you with it, which we don’t want to do.

So our plan is, for now, to focus 100% of our attention on building up the media side of Gameumentary through the use of our documentaries, feature content, and some new shows we’re going to debut following the shutdown of the main website.

The first of these new shows is called, Dev View.

Essentially this show will take the format of the feature stories that you love reading and turn them into audio / visual interviews. We’re actually really excited about doing this as we’ll be able to produce interviews at a much faster pace and put a voice to the feature.

The other new show we’re debuting is called Watchtower.

This show will focus on Early Access titles. as we feel the media tends to ignore a good portion of these titles; and while plenty have their issues, there’s also quite a few silent successes. This show will take the format of a hands-on preview for the first half, followed by an interview with the developer for the second half where we’ll discuss our feedback and the current status / future of the game.

DUO Reviews will also be seeing a slight change. Going forward, we’re going to try and condense the reviews to about 15-20 minutes in length. If there’s extra topics worth discussing, we’ll make a separate video to talk about it. For example, in our recent Absolver review, Will and Ian spent a good amount of time discussing the game’s directionless world and how that caused some problems for them. Instead of spending five to ten minutes discussing that single topic in the review, we’ll expand on it in its own video.

So our official list of shows now includes:

On top of all this, we’ll obviously be producing our documentaries, and we’ll also be publishing a number of side features like the one we just released this past Monday where we analyzed the soundtrack of 2016’s DOOM.

As much as we don’t want to stop writing traditional features, for right now this is where we feel we need to focus our attention to grow as a brand. In the future presumably, when we have a much bigger audience, we won’t hesitate to bring written content back to Gameumentary. Right now, however, it’s a bit much to ask the team to keep spending weeks on these major features that get, on average, less then 500 views. We need to prioritize our time right now, and as a team we have decided this is the right route to take.

I apologize to those of you that read the content we do put out, we know it’s important to you and as soon as we can bring it back, we will. Quality longform content is our main goal, and I can promise you that we will continue to produce the kind of quality you expect from us over on YouTube.

Thank you for your understanding! We have a few features left to put out before the end of this month which is when we’ll start to use the site mostly for posting our media content and maybe some smaller written things.

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  • Nick Calandra (Site Owner)
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