Introducing The Girlumentary Show, New Episodes Arrive Every Tuesday

Avatar Joanna Nelius | July 3, 2017 1 View 0 Likes

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You may have seen us tweeting about it for the past week, but now we can finally say that the first episode of our Girlumentary Show is live!

Joining our Official Podcast and Duo Reviews, Girlumentary is run by the ladies of Gameumentary, currently featuring: Joanna Nelius (Editor-in-Chief), horror-buff and all around weirdo; Sarah Young (Features), the one who never got her Hogwarts letter, so she gamed instead; and Celia Lewis (Features) the one with the bad taste in games. (Sorry-not-sorry for turning the both of your descriptions into Friends episode titles.)

Once a week, we will come together to cover a wide range of topics, from gaming news and trends to in-depth looks at games of the past and present, as well as interviewing women who work in the games industry: writers, voice over artists, programmers - you name it. In our first episode, we chat about our individual gaming histories, how we got started in gaming journalism, and how we feel about the current state of the gaming industry.

New episodes will air every Tuesday, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to know when we go live, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all of our latest content and shows.