Key Members From The Development Team Behind MotorStorm and DriveClub Form New Studio To Work on New Sci-Fi IP

You may recall that Evolution Studios, the studio behind high-profile PlayStation franchises like DriveClub and MotorStorm, was unexpectedly shutdown back in 2016. Quite a few Evolution staff members made their way over to Codemasters to work on a new IP called Onrush, and another subset of members just announced their own new studio today.

Wushu Studios was founded by Alan McDermott, Nigel Kershaw and Stuart Trevor, all of which worked at Evolution Studios before its closure. The team is comprised of 11 members and its main goal is to move away from “the AAA grind to create games with interesting mechanics, unique concepts and to deliver fun, refreshing gameplay experiences to players.”

Currently the studio is working on an original sci-fi IP which it began prototyping back in September 2017 and is being built on Unreal Engine 4. No other details are currently available about the project, but the press release for the studio announcement promises the game will be a “tantalizing and unexpected take on the science fiction genre.”

“We firmly believed in the idea that our initial concepts needed to be gamepad experiences as quickly as possible, so we turned to Unreal Engine for it’s amazing rapid prototyping capabilities,” said Alan McDermott. “This approach has helped us figure out which of our concepts would allow us to flex our creative muscle most. It’s definitely not what people will be expecting to see from us; it’s absolutely not a racing game!”

Wushu Studios is located in Liverpool, UK and was founded in August 2017. Oh, and our favorite (now former) industry insider, Shinobi602, or Nate, is head of PR and marketing at the studio so make sure to give him a shout on Twitter for landing that gig!

We’ll be sure to keep a lookout for new details on whatever Wushu is working on so stay tuned to Gameumentary on Facebook and Twitter for further updates.