The Lost Pisces Seems To Still Be Alive, Heading to Patreon Soon

Sirenum Digital’s The Lost Pisces has been an interesting project to follow. The game has gone through some major changes since its Kickstarter campaign failed to achieve the funding Sirenum was looking for back in 2015.

The game was later scheduled to seek funding on IndieGoGo, but did not appear on the date specified by Sirenum. The project went dark on social media for a while, but it seems Sirenum are back and getting ready to try and get The Lost Pisces funded once again. A Patreon campaign for The Lost Pisces will be launching in May, and while Sirenium haven’t said much about the game just yet, they’ve released quite a few great looking screenshots for the game.

One of the notable changes they did touch on via their Twitter account is that the game is now played through a first-person view point, rather than third-person. The developers noted that VR is “just an option” in the demo they’re developing as well, which indicates The Lost Pisces won’t be a primarily VR title.

Check out some of the new screenshots from The Lost Pisces just below and stay tuned for further updates on the game as we have them. We’ll work on getting in touch with the developers soon to see how the game has been shaping up over the past two years.