Our next documentary covers the story of Outpost Games and will be releasing on January 23rd.

We’re excited to share this documentary with you because it’s not so much a retrospective, but a documentary about a studio in the middle of working on a new game and concept that could bring innovation to the video game industry.

Here’s some details about Outpost Games and SOS from our post over at Destructoid where this documentary is being exclusively hosted:

Outpost Games is working on a game called SOS which is a battle royale-like game, but with a twist. The game treats players as performers using a new platform called Hero. Each match is played live and while the game is being played, it’s also streamed through the platform to viewers who can rate how someone is performing using different reactions and as a group even influence who gets off the island by voting on what is provided by supply drops.

The game sort of plays out like an episode of survivor, with an introductory sequence that showcases players reputations based on their performance. For example, two players might play in the same game and team up. At some point, one of the players decide to betray their teammate and kill them. If these two players end up in another match together, which does happen quite often, the game will actually show in the intro sequence that player X betrayed player Y.

The whole game is heavily reliant on players on communicating and interacting with one another, and from my personal time with the Alpha of the game, I was surprised to see just how easy and fun it was to get into. The staff at Outpost Games even told us stories about players who took on a completely false personality just to trick players in helping them get off the island!

The full documentary will release exclusively on Destructoid on January 23rd, which actually happens to be the launch date for SOS on Steam Early Access as well. Funnily enough, that wasn’t actually planned as we had set the release date long before we knew about the launch date for SOS.

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