The Gameumentary Podcast EP 1: Introductions and E3 Predictions

Avatar Joanna Nelius | June 9, 2017 2 Views 0 Likes


E3 kicks into high gear tomorrow with its first conference, practically going non-stop until next week.

While Gameumentary will, unfortunately, not be attending this year, we are still excited as ever - so excited that we decided to make E3 the topic of our first podcast. We've been tossing ideas around for a while now, figuring out what to do for some regular podcasts, who we will feature, etc. With our first short doc fully launched, with all the extended interviews, the timing coincided perfectly with starting up podcasts with E3. So, most of us were able to gather for a chat via Discord across three time zones, and with some of Kyle's editing magic - BAM! Here it is.

We start off with some introductions, talking about the games we first played, then dive right into E3 stuff, mostly talking about what we are looking forward to and what we expect to see/hear. Nick also talks about a "funny" story from when he and I went to E3 last year.

We haven't decided on an "official" name for all our podcasts yet, but we'll be uploading reaction-casts as E3 marches on, culminating with some post-E3 discussion, and then taking it where ever our hearts desire. You can find us on SoundCloud, Pocket Casts, and iTunes.

Take a listen to our first episode. We hope you enjoy!