Reminiscing About Dead Space 2 With The Creative Director | Gameumentary Podcast

Avatar Nick Calandra | July 3, 2017 0 Likes

Welcome back to Gameumentary's Official Podcast!

This week's episode features our first guest on the show, Wright Bagwell, who happens to be the former Creative Director of Dead Space 2. We had a great chat with Bagwell discussing his time working on the franchise, as well as talking about his new venture as the CEO of Outpost Games working on their Hunger Games-like title, SOS.

After this week, all new Official Podcast episodes will air on Thursday, with Girlumentary episodes airing on Tuesday. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all of our latest content!

  • Hammercorps

    Just got a chance to listen to it, really enjoyable. I like the relaxed and informal atmosphere.

    Do you plan to have an interview with someone every week or only sometimes?

    • We’re going to try and get it set up where we have an interview every two weeks, I think. We’re gonna be really busy though starting in the next week or two though, so that might not start for a bit!