Runic Games Documentary

Duration: 27:00 17

Today’s the day, folks. Kyle has been working incredibly hard over the past two months to get this thing edited and made to a quality you might not expect from a team of volunteers with no budget and not a single dime of outside funding. The whole team and I are incredibly proud of what we put together for our first short documentary effort, and we hope you enjoy it. We’re already putting together plans for our next set of […]

Kristina Ness Extended Interview – Developing The Weird Creatures of Hob

Duration: 11:00 7

We’re getting ready to wrap up our first documentary and start working on our next, but before we do that we have a few extended interviews to share with you. The next few videos we will share with you from our coverage of Runic Games are raw footage from a few of the interviews we conducted while filming this documentary. The first one is with Kristina Ness, an artist at Runic who has crafted a number of different creatures for […]

Matt Lefferts Extended Interview – Animating the World of Hob

Duration: 17:00 8

In this extended interview we spoke to Matt Lefferts about animating the world of Hob.

Kochun Hu Extended Interview – Crafting The Sounds of Hob

Duration: 14:00 4

In this extended interview we spoke with Kochun Hu about crafting the sounds you’ll hear in Hob.

Rick Lesley Extended Interview – Conveying The Story Through Environments

Duration: 6:00 4

In this extended interview we talked with Rick Lesley about how Hob tells its story through environmental storytelling.