The Story of Perception Documentary

Duration: 45:00 16

In August 2017, we made our way out to Boston to produce our second documentary covering the story of The Deep End Games, co-founded by Bill and Amanda Gardner. In our second documentary we dive deep into the lives of Bill and Amanda to find out how they met, Bill’s game development experience at Irrational Games, and how they created a video game out of the comfort of their own home while raising four children.

The Story of The Deep End Games – Trailer

Duration: 3:00 4

Happy Friday! We are now in the final four days of our campaign and we’ve got a lot of money left to raise. There’s been a lot of support going around these past couple days which is great to see! For the past couple weeks we’ve been preparing our next short doc trailer to try and show you what we truly mean when we say we want to showcase the stories behind the games you play. We’re not just doing […]