Seven: Days Long Gone Receives New Trailer, Includes New Music From Miracle of Sound

You might have missed the latest trailer for Seven: Days Long Gone this week due to its exclusivity deal with Gamespot.

Seven: Days Long Done is an isometric action RPG that is heavily inspired by the Thief series. The game is set in a non-linear beyond post-apocalyptic sandbox world which Fool’s Theory calls the Empire of Vetrall. The trailer below shows off a number of different environments, combat mechanics and more that are all found in the game.

What’s unique about Seven: Days Long Gone is its traversal system. As you’ll see in the trailer below, the developers have crafted “a parkour climbing system that gives you the ability of free-traversing obstacles of any height, horizontally and vertically.”

The latest trailer for the game includes a fantastic new piece of music from Miracle of Sound as well. Check it out and let us know what you think about Seven: Days Long Gone in the comments.

Fool’s Theory is comprised of a bunch of former AAA developers who worked on a variety of titles, most notably The Witcher 3, Kholat, and Hard West. Seven: Days Long Gone doesn’t have a release date just yet. The game is planned for release on the PC with consoles also in mind.

We’ll work on getting in touch with Fool’s Theory to learn more about this mysterious title and company.