Stoic Co-Founder Stealth Releases Killers and Thieves, A Game About Building Your Own Thieves’ Guild

The co-founder of Stoic Studio, Alex Thomas, has stealth released a solo project today called, Killers and Thieves. The best part is, it’s not even an early access title.

The game is quite the departure from Stoic Studio’s flagship series, The Banner Saga. Killers and Thieves puts you in control of a Thieves’ guild and tasks you with recruiting characters and turning them into “master” criminals. The game features a full set of story-driven missions and also raises the stakes for your criminals by introducing permadeath into the game.

Here’s a list of features included in the game from the official Steam page.

  • You are the guildmaster. Send your ragged crew out on daring heists to stake out targets, steal precious things, and even perform assassinations.
  • Think on your feet. Meticulously-planned operations may fall into chaos as surprising emergent events come together in new and unexpected ways.
  • Play your way. Follow a compelling series of story-driven missions, and employ your own initiative to identify high-value targets in a living open world.
  • Keep the gold flowing. Wages must be paid, so make sure the money keeps rolling in. If the coffers are empty when payday comes, there could be trouble.
  • Manage your thieves. Recruit worthless street rats and forge them into master criminals, but remember the risks: even your best might not come home again.

Killers and Thieves was released today on Steam and is currently only sale for $17.99. We’re working on obtaining a review copy of the game to provide you with some impressions.

Stay tuned to Gameumentary for continued updates on Killers and Thieves.

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