Update – We Will Be Posting News

Avatar Nick Calandra | April 23, 2017 1 View 0 Likes

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After a long and thoughtful discussion, we have decided to begin including news here on Gameumentary.

We started this site with the notion that we would not be doing news. However, as we quickly began to realize it’s very hard to keep our traffic flow current with such a low amount of content being shared on the site. This isn’t due to a lack of us getting things written, but because these things take a while to produce. We also try to make sure that each feature we post is of an extremely high quality, so we often send pieces back for continued work if we don’t think it meets that standard.

So, with news being added to the site, it will add the option for those of you that want to read it while also increasing our traffic flow. We plan to keep our news interesting with a focus quite similar to what we had while working on OnlySP. Don’t expect to see patch updates, pre-order incentives, release date announcements — things that every other site has already covered.

If it turns out posting news has little affect on our traffic, we’ll probably discontinue it.

For now though, it’s necessary for us to post news to keep this site alive. As features remain our focus, news will only be found at the bottom of the homepage in the grid section and through its own category. Obviously, they’ll be shared on our social media channels as well.

We promise news will not become the focus of Gameumentary. Short docs, features. and games coverage through reviews and analysis will always be our primary focus.

If you have any questions about this change, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.