Week in Review – April 2, 2017

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Wow. It has been over a month since I last did one of these. Apologies for that, I have been quite busy.


So, we’ve been light on content for the past few weeks. There’s a few reasons for that. First of all, I have been extremely busy with school work, being a fraternity president and of course, planning / working on our short documentary of Runic Games.

On top of all that, a few of our writers are working on very important college stuff like a dissertation, and thesis paper. So yea, we’ve been busy. Also, since we’re a feature focused outlet it takes a little more planning than just telling someone to write something up so we have something to post.

We’ve been debating for a few weeks now on how to remedy the issue of not having content up on a regular basis, as this has been a recurring problem for us. What we have decided to do is post more interviews – like our Signal From Tolva piece – while we continue working on bigger feature projects.

We’re also beginning work on more reviews and should have our first narrative analysis pieces ready for you in the next couple weeks. The big thing we’re hoping to do in April is find a pattern that we can post content in that works for us as a team. My biggest focus though is on quality over quantity. We wan’t to be known as the place that delivers high quality games journalism all the time, not just on occasion.

April may be a little light on content again as we work on new content, but once May rolls around we should be in full swing. I’m learning as I go on how to run this site as it’s a completely different beast from what I’m used to via OnlySP.


My gaming time has been pretty light for the past few weeks. I’ve almost completed Horizon: Zero Dawn and have enjoyed just about every second of it. It’s not often that a game’s world engrosses me like Horizon’s has. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for secrets and actually listening to the collectible audio logs when I find them to hear about the backstory.

That goes without mentioning the beautiful backdrop the game is set in, the great soundtrack and of course the incredibly satisfying combat. Horizon is definitely this year’s Witcher 3 – for now.

I’ve got Mass Effect: Andromeda in the backlog, but I don’t think I’m ready to start another open world experience so soon. I want to try Thimbleweed Park and Little Nightmares comes out in about a week as well, so I’m looking forward to playing those games.

One thing that I’ve noticed since I stopped doing daily news is that I’m not following what’s happening in the industry as close as I used to…and that kind of bugs me. Normally I could tell you without even thinking when certain games were releasing, but now that I’m not covering things all the time I actually have to look up the dates more often than not.

I’ll probably go back to writing some news this summer when I have more free time…just can’t escape it yet. Let us know what you’ve been up to for the past month and keep an eye out for new content starting tomorrow.

  • Hammercorps

    Busily been clearing out my backlog in preparation for the end of April through the end of May, which is promising to be very busy in terms of releases. Finally accomplished my long-term goal of completing every COD campaign, currently finally getting around to finishing Resident Evil 7, which I’m enjoying tremendously. Normally, with the earlier Resident Evil games that I played, I’ve been frustrated because they felt like at least a quarter of the experience was just filler content to pad out the games length, but thankfully, I’m not feeling that here. Also planning to start Kona so I can write on it, and I need to get around to Torment: Tides of Numenera as well.

    Been watching some Let’s Plays of Horizon, it really looks like a great open-world game. Story setup has been very intriguing so far, and the combat looks very strategic and fun.

    Currently getting set up for What Remains of Edith Finch and Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, and possibly Inner Chains as well.