Week in Review – December 5, 2016

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Hello everyone and welcome to Gameumentary’s first Week in Review! I’ve missed writing these so I hope you’ve missed reading them. This will be a weekly feature here on Gameumentary, so make sure to tune in every Sunday evening / Monday morning for our Week in Review.


This past week was pretty exciting. After about three months of work and prepearation we were finally able to announce what we’re working on. The response so far has been pretty great, and we’re excited to start posting official content here on the site in the next few weeks.

We’re currently in the process of getting a lot of different interviews prepared and scheduled so that when we launch the site on January 1st, we can share new content with you pretty regularly. The biggest difference that you’ll see here over with what I was doing with OnlySP is the lack of daily content.

Each of our stories is going to be something unique and there may be a week or so at a time that we don’t have something to publish. Moving away from the daily format of content should grant us with higher quality stories, and allow us to take the time we need to write up something special.

All of our content won’t be longform either. When I was preparing to leave OnlySP, you made it abundantly clear that one of our strengths was introducing you to new games and providing lots of details on them. We plan to utilize both longform interviews and QA interviews to provide you with both depth and accessibility.

We’re here to tell the story of games, as well as you inform you about unique and interesting titles. We’ll have more to share with you in the coming weeks, along with our first batch for stories at the start of next year.


The Last of Us: Part II – That’s all I’m going to say about that entire event. You can check my Twitter for other musings 🙂


I’m currently in the final two weeks of my semester here at college and I have been constantly busy. On Saturday we had our informal and I’m pretty much the only cook in our fraternity so I spent around four hours preparing a huge meal for 34 something people. Thankfully it all came out great and everyone loved it.

On top of that, I completed my big SEO Analysis paper for one of my courses this past week which ended up being around 35 pages. I actually quite enjoyed writing it and learned some new stuff about SEO along the way. It was an ideal time for me to write a paper about that as I’m starting up a new website.

I haven’t had much time for video games lately. I mean, I’m still playing a lot of Rainbow Six Siege, so nothing new there. I did finish up Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and I’m currently working through Mafia III, but my real catch up time for gaming will be over my Christmas break. I have Dishonored 2 and a couple other games on my list so here’s hoping Santa is nice to me this year.

If this is your first Week in Review, then welcome! If it’s not, you know the drill! Share your own personal gaming updates in the comments section and let’s talk about games! Stay tuned for next week’s Week in Review on Sunday.