Week in Review – February 6, 2017

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I finished Resident Evil VII this past week and I only had to change my pants…well, you don’t need to know the number of times. That’s not important.


Last week was a pretty slow week here at Gameumentary. I posted up my third feature on the site which covered one of my favorite games, Rainbow Six Siege. I was a little bummed at first that the answers I received from the developers weren’t exactly all that detailed because it left me little to work with in terms of building a feature piece.

Luckily it seems I was able to turn it into something readable, and I saw that it had been shared on Reddit a few times so I was happy about that. I also posted up a new opinion piece this past week talking about the quiet improvements that have been happening in games journalism recently. It might be too early to say whether this trend will hold and push more and more websites to do better coverage of games, but so far I’ve been enjoying what I’m reading on sites like Glixel, Waypoint and of course, watching Danny O’Dwyer’s excellent documentaries.

This week will be a bit slow again for the site, but we do have a hands-on preview ready for Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, a new feature covering RTGStudio’s Deal With The Devil and my Resident Evil VII review. We originally covered Deal With The Devil over at OnlySP, and since then the developers have taken the game back to the drawing board and restarted from scratch. You can read all about that process in our new interview tomorrow.


I was able to push through the rest of Resident Evil VII this past week and I came away quite satisfied. I’ve never finished a Resident Evil title because I never really enjoyed the plot or gameplay for the most part. For me, Resident Evil VII was a great starting point for the series, and it gives you enough information on the history of the series to at least get you interested in the larger plot at hand.

I’ll certainly be checking out future entries in the series if they follow the formula set by Resident Evil VII. When I have some extra cash, I might also go back and check out Resident Evil Revelations 2 as well.

The other thing I spent my time doing this weekend was watching the Rainbow Six Invitational. I’ve never really sat down to watch E-Sports like I would another sporting event, but I have to say I had a pretty good time watching this tournament. The biggest issue I have with events like this are the commentators and the presentation. It can sometimes feel very amateurish and the commentators get way too into it at points and start screaming into their mics like madmen and it makes watching the whole event feel awkward.

Watching the battles play out in Rainbow Six Siege was great fun though, I will admit. The time and dedication people put into these games to become THAT good is impressive. If the commentators of these events can work on sounding a bit more professional (it was cringe worthy this weekend at points), I’d be happy to tune-in more often.

I capped of my weekend by eating some free chili and watching the Patriots win the Super Bowl at my favorite bar in town. Even better, I was the only Pats fan in the bar so I walked out with my head held high while everyone else sank into their seats and kept on drinking (I don’t know if that really happened, but that’s how I pictured it).

  • I am alternating between being a chair potato playing “Fallout 4” and a bed potato watching Korean series lately. I’m mostly just a potato and that’s fine. It has been quite a while since my last slow period, so it’s good to get back to games now that I have a bit more free time.

    Congratulations on finishing RE7. I’m too much of a chicken with no time and budget for it for quite a while, so I gave into the let’s play temptation. Kind of glad I did, because I like living.

    • I want to finish Fallout 4, but the story was just so boring. Maybe one day.

      • I’m the exploration type who likes all the little smaller stories found in these games, so it hasn’t bothered me much so far. It’s a case of “I need so save my – oooh, what’s that over there?” and wandering off to do everything imaginable but the main story. I demand a good main story from games that are clearly built for one, though.

  • Hammercorps

    Didn’t know there was an eSports league for Siege, pretty cool to see how fast it’s caught on.

    I’ve been drifting from game to game it seems like all week. Started several things, then put them down because I couldn’t get into them, but I’ve finally settled on Assassin’s Creed II and Resident Evil VII.

    Really enjoying VII so far, don’t usually get into horror games, but the story is intriguing enough that I’m going to finish it. I may try to get into the other games as well if I like it enough. Combat seems pretty solid too.

    You were right about Assassin’s Creed II. Enjoying it far more than the first one, not too far into it, but Ezio is an enjoyable protagonist and the game overall just feels like there was some real passion that went into it.

    Also played the Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 beta over the weekend, impressed by the core game, and interested in the story, but hopefully it functions better at launch.

    Also sort of replaying the Crysis series, trying to write a few articles about why I think the original is one of the best (and most underrated) FPS’s made and why the rest of the series really fell apart afterwards.

    • If you’d like somewhere to publish that Crysis piece let me know and we can probably set up a guest account for you to share it in our opinion section if you’d like. That’s something we’re looking to do on this site to give our community members a real voice.

      And glad you’re enjoying Assassin’s Creed II. It’s definitely my favorite entry in the series followed by Revelations. I don’t remember being overly fond of Brotherhood, but it’s not bad. They just tried some gimmicky new stuff in it and got back on track in Revelations.

      Assassin’s Creed III was pretty lauded, but I really enjoyed that one too. Connor isn’t as good a character as Ezio was, but the overall story arch was interesting enough. I’d give it a playthrough once you finish Ezio’s story.

      Black Flag is a good game, just not a really good Assassin’s Creed game story wise. I also enjoyed Unity quite a bit as well. Like the characters in it and the assassinations were fun. Did not enjoy Syndicate in the slightest, though I did finish it.

      Hoping they bring Rogue to backwards compat soon so I can play that one.

      • Hammercorps

        I might take you up on that offer, thanks! Is there an email I can contact you at if I do?

        • Yup – nick.calandra at gameumentary dot com

          You can also send it to Joanna as well ahead of time for editing if you’d like. Her email is on our Staff page.