Week in Review – January 23, 2017

Avatar Nick Calandra | January 23, 2017 0 Likes

Sorry about the delay on getting this Week in Review posted folks! Been busy finishing up a research paper for one of my classes.


Last week was pretty good for the site. We released our biggest feature yet covering how the lore was built for Tyranny, along with a review for Rise and Shine. This week we’ve already released a new feature interview covering the upcoming World War MMO, Foxhole and in a few days, we’ll have another big interview to share with you that I found super interesting to read through as I edited it.

The developer we spoke to is super excited about his team’s project and the way the game came about is…something else, to say the least. You’ll see a teaser for our next Q&A feature probably tomorrow, if not on Wednesday.

Aside from that, we’re working on quite a few things behind the scenes and are currently finalizing plans for something I still can’t talk about for a while.

Other than that, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to get sustainable traffic to the site as that’s proven to be a challenge since we don’t regularly post news. We’ll be pumping some cash into social media advertising soon to try and publicize a bit, but as always, it’s immensely helpful for you to share our content on social media and by word of mouth.

We should reach about 10,000 visitors by the end of the month, which is pretty good for starting out with very little reach. I personally think it will take one or two big interviews that get picked up by mainstream press or NeoGAF for us to really start exploding. We’ll see.

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I had very little time to game this week due fraternity recruitment week on my campus. Being the President of my chapter has proven to be rather stressful already, but I’m meeting a lot of great people and becoming more recognized on campus, so that’s pretty cool.

I’m still playing Rainbow Six Siege, and Ubisoft just announced the next content update today so I doubt that will change anytime soon. For the sake of not being redundant, just assume I’ve been playing a lot of Siege from here on out.

I did, however, order Resident Evil VII today following the very positive reviews. Someone said it’s the best horror game since Alien: Isolation. We shall see about that.

  • Hammercorps

    Loved the Tyranny article. Been hopping between three different games, Resident Evil HD Remaster (Pretty good,) LA Noire (Way too much serialization and filler,) and Call of Juarez (Actually a lot better then I was expecting.) Finished Assassin’s Creed, and it was mediocre at best. The plot ended on a pretty interesting note, but the sheer amount of filler and tedious assassinations you had to push through to get their reminded me far too much of Mafia 3. Still, everyone says 2 is best, so maybe it’ll be less tedious.

    Looking forward to this week’s interview! Also, do you plan on doing a Resi 7 review?

    • Glad you enjoyed the Tyranny article, and I’m more than sure you’ll enjoy our next interview. Not longform this time though, it’ll be in Q&A format. Still great read though cause the person we interviewed is just so obviously passionate about what they’re working on haha.

      I don’t think I ever played the original Call of Juarez, if that’s the one you’re referring to. I did play Bound in Blood and loved it, and the most recent one…forgot what it was called, but it’s got heavy narration over most of it, was also good.

      And yes, OG Assassin’s Creed did not age well. The 2nd game is great, Brotherhood is OK, and Revelations is fantastic. You’ll wanna play through all three of them.

      And again, yes. I do plan on reviewing Resi 7, though I have no real experience with the series outside of Resident Evil 5, which I did not finish. So I’ll be reviewing the game from the perspective of a completely new fan of the series (presuming I like it 😉 )

  • Just picked up Dead By Daylight over the weekend. I’ve only played twice, once as the killer and once as a survivor, but so far I’m not enjoying the game all that much. Maybe it just can’t compare to all the Friday the 13th game footage I’ve seen. (Still waiting, Gun media! :-D)

  • Stephen Wright

    Back from uni for a week so dug out the Xbox 360 for some doses of nostalgia. DiRT 2 has not aged one bit. I was worried I had been looking at it through rose-tinted glasses, but it is still one of the best racing games to date. Been having fun with Bioshock Infinite as well as Life is Strange, and meaning to catch up on Splinter Cell Blacklist – one of those games that came out toward the end of the generation so slipped by me.