Week in Review – January 29, 2017

Avatar Nick Calandra | January 29, 2017 0 Likes

I finally had some ample time to game this week, and I got quite a bit done.


Not much has gone on for us over the past week. We’re currently prepping a bunch of content for February and are still working on our secret project behind the scenes. We did run a couple giveaways this week on Twitter and bumped up our follower count by over 300 followers, so that was fantastic to see. Lots of spam accounts intermixed, but hey, the number looks good!

We’re going to continue working on social media engagement over the next month and we’re still putting together some new projects. One of those projects I can talk about is our upcoming podcast. We have a name for the podcast that we will reveal on the 1st of February, but our first episode is probably a week or two out.

The podcast will be the one section on the site where we get to share our opinions on different subjects, but we’re also planning on using it for audio interviews as well. We’re hoping to get a wide range of people to join us on the cast every few weeks to have discussions about their projects, or other industry topics.

As for what features are coming up this week, it might be a little light. We should have a feature covering a project that we previously looked at over at OnlySP last year. The project has been completely redone and we’ve got the first details and new images from what that said project has become. I expect that interview will be out to you by Tuesday.

You can also expect a hands-on preview from For Honor’s closed beta tomorrow afternoon. More on that in my personal gaming update. After this week, we should have some pretty big features for you to check out, but I’ll keep you waiting for details on those.


Now that our recruitment period is over for my fraternity, I have some more free time again. I finally got my copy of Resident Evil VII this past week and I have to say, I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I never really got into the past Resident Evil games. I tried playing through Resident Evil 5 back in the day, but it really failed to grab my attention.

With Resident Evil VII, however, the first person perspective and the quality of the atmosphere has really sold me. I’m a wuss when it comes to horror games like this. Not because of the jump scares, but because of how well the atmosphere creates tension for the player. You never know what to expect around each corner, and that’s both exhilarating and terrifying.

I’ll save more of my thoughts on the game for when I write up my review, but as of now, the only problem I’ve had with Resident Evil VII is the boss fights. They can get frustrating pretty quickly, I’ll just say that.

I’ve also been playing the closed beta for For Honor this week. I, am in love with this game. Let me repeat that. I AM IN LOVE WITH FOR HONOR. This is a game that I have been waiting for since I was kid. The combat is satisfying, the world is beautifully crafted and it’s a much deeper experience than I had imagined it to be.

I have been highly interested in For Honor since its announcement, but I was cautiously optimistic about the game. I’ll be honest in saying that it’s going to be hard to top For Honor as my biggest surprise of 2017, at least gameplay wise. I’ll have to wait and see how the full game plays out obviously. I don’t have high hopes for the story in the single player campaign, but who knows, maybe Ubisoft will surprise me there too. Fingers crossed.

You can read more on my thoughts about the combat in the game in my hands-on preview tomorrow. Be sure to let us know what you’ve been up to in the comments section.


Surprise! I’m going to try and bring back giveaways to our Week in Reviews to entice you guys to engage more in our community. If you’ve been wanting to play Telltale’s Batman series, this is your chance.

We’re giving away a Steam code for Telltale’s Batman series. All the details to enter are included in the widget below. The winner will be chosen at Noon CST on 1/31/2017. Good luck!

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  • Hammercorps

    Interested in your preview for For Honor. Wasn’t a game I had on my radar, the campaign just looked like multiplayer with bots, but maybe it’s worth it for multiplayer alone.

    Ended up dropping LA Noire due to boredom. It was taking too long for anything interesting to happen and the structure of the case solving was way too repetitive. Was planning on finishing Call of Juarez, but I seem to have hit a gamebreaking bug that keeps me from finishing it, so I’ve just been replaying some favorite FPS’s (Currently replaying Wolfenstein: The New Order,) and planning on starting a playthrough of Pillars of Eternity, since I never got around to it and the Fig campaign for the second one is running.

    • Stephen Wright

      On L.A. Noire my favourite thing to do is pick up useless items and hear Cole say “nope, junk, not relevant to the case”.

  • Stephen Wright

    I dove back into Life is Strange and was reminded how much I adore the game and the setting. Everything about the storytelling and design is perfect. The official score is just so fitting and I can’t stop listening to it. I think I can relate to the protagonist a bit more too now that I am at uni and away from home. Definitely a game that hits you in the feels but so hard to put down.