Week in Review – January 8, 2017

Phew! The first week of the year is out of the way and by golly was I busy.


We’ve launched and so far the response has been great! It’s going to take a bit before we really grow our audience, but I’m confident some of the interviews and other features we have lined up will continue to expand our audience. It was especially great to see some of our stuff already land on Reddit, which we appreciate very much.

We released our first couple features this past week along with a couple reviews as well. It feels very odd to not be posting content daily, but I guess that’s something I’ll just have to get used to. It’ll be interesting to see how our stats fare, but I guess it’s no different really than having a non news day on a regular gaming outlet.

Anyways, on Twitter I announced our next feature which will arrive tomorrow morning. The next feature on the site is written by yours truly and expands on my previous article covering the Midwest. The next feature I will share with you takes a closer look at Kansas City’s game development scene, and a new studio in the area working on an open world nautical adventure game called, Rising Tides.

We’ve got another feature to release to you later this week, but I’ll hold details on that one for now as it’s a big one, and an article I expect to hit big on the site. Stay tuned for a full announcement on that closer to the middle of the week.

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I’ve been a busy guy for the past week as I launched the site on the first of January, and then on the fifth I had to drive down to St. Louis for a President’s Leadership Conference for my fraternity. That’s a rather long five hour drive from where I live.

Luckily I had time to complete Titanfall 2’s excellent campaign before I left home. I was a bit wary of it since there was no campaign in the original Titanfall, but boy were those missions fun. The mission with time travel involved was especially compelling, and quite honestly I’d love to play a game completely centered around that mechanic.

Finishing Titanfall 2 also reminded me that Respawn is working on a Star Wars game which I am now eagerly awaiting information about.

I also started Dishonored 2 this past week as well. I think I’m on Mission 4 and am already in High Chaos so I think I’m playing the game correctly…I’ll let you know how the world turns out when I finish it, but I tend to leave a lot of dead bodies in my wake when I play games like this. I’m not too patient.

I start classes back up tomorrow, so I won’t be not busy again anytime soon. Ah well, back to writing stories. Have a good week everyone!


  • I found it difficult to avoid High Chaos on Dishonored 2, but it irritated me so much. I wanted to be good at stealth! Honestly it put me off the game which is a shame. I think Hitman gets it right because it gives you the option for a bit more hand-holding in terms of direction and strategies.

  • Congratulations on the positive reception! Your interviews and reviews have all been fantastic reads, inspired me to start writing more reviews for games to brush up my writing skills.

    Titanfall 2’s campaign really was fantastic, it reminded me of a delicious blend of Mirror’s Edge, Crysis, and Half-Life 2. Would have preferred it to be a little longer, but it was great while it lasted.

    Low Chaos is the only true path. 😛

    I’ve been busy with work and personal stuff, but currently I’ve been trying to catch up on games that I missed last year. I played through Oxenfree, and while it was a well-designed and well-written experience, I didn’t care for it too much. Pretty solid game, but not one I’d put on any Best Of lists.

    Currently playing Homefront: The Revolution, which I’m actually enjoying a lot more than I thought I would. Only a few hours in so far, but it looks nice, and is one of the few games that gets guerilla warfare right, which makes me happy.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence and glad we were able to inspire you. We’ve got some good stuff coming up and personally for me, I’m just glad to be excited about games journalism again. This site has really gotten my mind moving again, very refreshing.

      I also started Oxenfree, but have yet to finish it. Story didn’t hook me all that much, but I’m also not a huge fan of point and click games really either. Not that Oxenfree is one, but it’s pretty darn similar.