Week in Review – July 2, 2017

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This week went by really fast, and that’s a good thing. That means it’s time to start posting content on Gameumentary again!


Our month of build-up has officially ended and we’ve got a ton of content lined-up for you this month. We’ll be deciding on our release schedule at our meeting on Sunday, but you should expect to see a feature every Monday, Wednesday and Friday this month, with Girlumentary episodes airing every Tuesday and Official Podcast episodes every Thursday.

I expect it will take us a week to get that schedule working correctly though since we need to finish editing and release the episodes we’re currently working on. If you missed our posts on social media about this week’s podcast, we talked with the Creative Director of Dead Space 2, Wright Bagwell, about his time working on the game and multiple other subjects relating to the franchise…including if he thinks EA will ever return to Dead Space.

It was a fantastic first guest interview and you can expect to see plenty more episodes like that from us in the future, including guests on Girlumentary eventually as well.

You’ll also be getting the first episode of Duo Review sometime this week in which Joanna and Ian discuss their thoughts on Conarium, a Lovecraftian-inspired narrative adventure.

We’re super excited about all the content we have primed for you guys and all the content that we’re continuing to work on. As I mentioned last week, now that we’ve got a good chunk of backlogged content lined-up, we should be able to keep producing new stuff while releasing completed projects. Also don’t forget that we do accept guest posts on the site. We’ll edit and format the piece for you so that you can put it on your resume or portfolio.

Our first interview of the month drops on Monday. We’re also very close to announcing our plans for our next big doc project and…some other stuff. Yea, I’ll just leave it at that.


Once again, I’ve mostly been sitting at my computer desk getting work done this week. Pretty sure I’ve been more busy this Summer than the entirety of my previous semester at college. But, I’ve been learning a lot of social media skills through working with Lewis Denby at Game If You Are that I’ve been applying to Gameumentary with great results.

I did purchase Get Even yesterday as it was on sale for just $20 in the Ultimate Game Sale on Xbox One which was a deal I couldn’t pass up since the game literally just came out. Not to mention that reviews are estimating the game is potentially nine hours long. Not that length means the game is good, but a narrative focused game clocking in at nine hours for $20 bucks? That’s a good deal.

So far I’m enjoying it, though the gameplay itself can be quite clunky, especially the shooting segments. Maybe they’ll release a patch that’ll fix up the gunplay mechanics, because as of right now that’s hampering my enjoyment of the game quite a bit. Regardless, it might take me a bit to finish as these next few weeks will be pretty jam-packed if everything goes according to plan for us.

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Week in Review and don’t forget to let us know what you’ve been up to this week!

  • Hammercorps

    Working, mostly, as well as planning out scheduling and structure for my next article. Replaying the Metro games right now, actually, forgotten how much I enjoy them.

    • Celia Lewis

      I would love to read that. I’ve never gotten into Metro before, but it has always looked super interesting.

      • Hammercorps

        The article I’m working on now isn’t about Metro, it’s about 3 other games that are pretty different in genre but at the same time seem to be trying for the same audience. I am tossing around the idea of a Metro analysis about the games and books together when Exodus releases though.

    • Metro: 2033 was such a surprise hit for me. Most mainstream outlets gave it pretty bad reviews, and I thought it looked cool enough to try so went and picked it up on the Xbox 360 and didn’t put it down till I finished it.

  • Kirkland Dent Jr.

    Ran a Tekken 7 tournament this past weekend at an arcade bar.Really brought in a lot of hype, good matches and fun times!

    • That’s really cool! What arcade bar if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Kirkland Dent Jr.

        The name of the place is Reboot Retrocade & Bar in Macon, GA

  • Celia Lewis

    I’m currently finishing up Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. I got it for like 5 bucks on steam, which was a sweet deal. The nemesis system definitely lives up to the hype.

  • Jake Theriault

    This morning I platinum’d Horizon: Zero Dawn on the PS4 after 50ish hours. Excited to see what the DLC will do to up the ante.

  • Finished up with the closed SOS alpha last night. Now, It’s on to Killers and Thieves, Emporium, and finishing Metro 2033. I recently finished the novel; this is the first time I’ve ever read a book and played its video game adaptation side-by-side. Also trying to finish up a short story and another chapter in my novel.