Week in Review & Project 2 Teaser Reveal – July 8, 2017

We are so, so close to making some big announcements here on Gameumentary… but you’re still going to have to wait just a wee bit longer.


So much stuff is happening behind the scenes right now that I can hardly keep up with it. I still can’t talk about a lot of it, but you will get the first glimpse of what we’re working on for Project 2 today.

As far as written content goes, we’ve started our running schedule of posting a new feature every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Traffic is still pretty light for us, which is a problem we’re continually trying to solve. As much as I hate asking you directly, sharing our content when you see it (and if you find it interesting) does a lot for us. Community engagement is about the only way we’re going to be able to build up our numbers, so please, if you read a piece on Gameumentary you enjoyed, share it on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc.

Sharing our content helps us out a lot and puts us on more people’s radars for when we announce new projects, like Project 2… so let’s talk about that.

Project 2 is going to take us in a different direction from what you saw in our documentary with Runic Games. It will be quite a bit more personal, and we’ll be doing a bit more… exploring. Needless to say, if our first documentary was a proof of concept, this next one will live up to the promise we set for ourselves to deliver something truly unique in the games journalism industry.

To put it simply: we’re very excited about our second project. So, without further ado here’s the short, and very cryptic teaser for what we’re working on next.

We know it’s not much, and if you’ve played the game you probably already know what it is. But don’t worry, we’ll reveal what we’re about to begin working on in just two short days! Filming for this project will begin in August.


Honestly, I really don’t have anything to put in here this week. I did not have time to play a single video game – you’ll find out why in another week. However, we have started up a new Community Discord channel for Gameumentary that we’d love for all of you to join! We’ll be doing some fun stuff with the channel in the future, but for now feel free to join up and talk games with us!

Feel free to share your personal gaming update in the comments section.