Gameumentary 2.0 – A New Look and What’s Coming Up

Hello everyone, Been a while since we last posted here on the site. For awhile there I thought we were just going to not use a website at all...

Hello everyone,

Been a while since we last posted here on the site. For awhile there I thought we were just going to not use a website at all and just focus on media content due to costs, but luckily our host is now offering a dedicated WordPress hosting platform at a much cheaper cost and that has allowed us to keep the website online. Obviously, now that you’re here, you’ve probably noticed it looks a little different and more…portfolio like.

I wanted to redesign the site in a way that puts our documentaries front and center, while also offering up the other content that we produce as well. All of the content from the previous site came over with the redesign, minus the images from our previous articles. You can find all of our previous work now in the Article Archives tab in the main menu. For right now, we won’t be posting any written features as we’re still focused on producing media content at the moment. I will, however, be starting the Week in Review back up and we’ll have some other written stuff posted here about our upcoming trips etc in the meantime to at least give you a reason to visit this site. You’ll find all of that content now in the Blog section of the site.

We will be continuing to accept Guest Posts here on the site, so if you’re wanting to write something up and have it published here, just email myself or Jake Theriault, our Editor in Chief, and we will get it edited, formatted and published.

Hopefully you like the new redesign and find it easy to navigate. I really enjoy how the Series feature works on the site in the way that we can categorize all of our projects into their own specific pages and make it super easy for you to find all of the content we produce for each project. There’s still quite a bit left for me to work on, but the general setup of the site is done and working. If you find bugs or issues please let us know.


If you haven’t heard the news on social media, our Discord channel, or the Kickstarter page, we’re heading to San Francisco on October 22nd to begin filming our third project covering Outpost Games. This project will focus on telling the story of a new startup studio, developing a title in Early Access and breaking into the super competitive multiplayer market.

We’ll also be traveling to another city in California while we’re there to do a second project as well, but we’re keeping that one underwraps for now. We think you’ll be pretty excited about it though when we tell you what it is.

Following our San Francisco trip, we leave for Austin, TX to do the docs on Gunfire Games, Airship Syndicate and Darksiders in November. We’ll be providing more details on that as we get closer to the date.

We’ve got a lot of exciting content coming up and we’re super excited to get to work on it. Don’t forget that we also just released our second documentary,  The Story of Perception, which could use some help getting more views. We’ve yet to even crack 2,000 views on it, which is quite surprising.

Regardless, thank you for all the support you’ve provided thus far! We’ll have something special for you on our first birthday which happens to be January 1st!


Nick Calandra is the owner of Gameumentary. He will graduate from Northwest Missouri State University in December with a BA in Multimedia Journalism. He was previously the owner of OnlySP, the only games outlet dedicated to single player video games. Currently his favorite title is Rainbow Six Siege.