Welcome to Gameumentary

Hello everyone and welcome to Gameumentary. I’ve been anticipating being able to say that sentence now for a few months, and while we still have another month to go...

Hello everyone and welcome to Gameumentary.

I’ve been anticipating being able to say that sentence now for a few months, and while we still have another month to go until you start seeing regular content on here, we figured we’d give you a first look at the site and what our plans are for the future.

Gameumentary is the site that I’ve been building towards for the past few years. As much as I enjoyed doing OnlySP, I soon came to realize that at this point in my life I really just don’t have to be posting news on a daily basis. Not only that, but I’ve come to enjoy reading and watching content with more substance than just posting a new reveal trailer or small little detail about an upcoming game every day.

Thus the idea for this new site was born and, so far, the initial response has been amazing. We’ve had loads of PR and developers that knew about what we were doing beforehand tell us how excited they were about us taking on this venture.

Our team is super excited about it as well; we will be providing you with long-form interviews, reviews, analysis pieces, new game interviews and much, much more. I don’t want to spoil everything just yet, but I can say that I’m incredibly excited. We’ve got some big surprises in store, but you’ll hear about those closer to when they’re ready, which will be a few months from now.

Now, you’re probably wondering what’s up with the design of the site, since it doesn’t necessarily look like your regular gaming news outlet. Well, that’s because we’re not a gaming news outlet! I’m dubbing Gameumentary a gaming feature outlet. What exactly does that mean?

You will not see daily news on this site. We may share some interesting pieces of news via our social media accounts, but you will not see daily, reported news content here. The site has been set up to give every article that “feature” feel and the home page reflects that. We will also not be posting those articles daily on the site either.

We’re still working on our content schedule, but we should hopefully have a few big features per month for you to read, plenty of interviews detailing new and exciting projects, a few reviews and analysis pieces and… well, who knows what other ideas we will come up with.

Without further ado, say hello to our team of writers and content producers:

Joanna Nelius – Editor in Chief
Nick Calandra – Site Owner
James BillCliffe – Lead Features
Sep Gohardani – Features
Michael Soriano – Reviews
Kyle Bailey – Lead Media
Manvir Singh – On Air Talent

We are announcing the site today to start spreading the word about it through the month of December, but as I said, you will not see new content on the site until the 1st of January as we’re still getting content ready for the initial launch. I will, however, be posting Week in Reviews on Sundays so you can keep in touch with us.

I can say that we’ve got some exciting features already lined up, and the secret stuff we’re working on is going to hopefully wow you.

We want Gameumentary to be the place developers come to tell their story. To be a truly trustworthy site that not only explores and reveals what game development is like, but also highlights why and how each company or person is significant and different and worthy of your attention.

On January 1st, we begin our journey to accomplish this goal. We will see you there.


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