We’ve Updated Our Reviews Policy

Hello Readers!

As we continue to publish game reviews, you may have already noticed that our scoring system has changed drastically. We’ve replaced the common 1-10 rating system with a three category system, which you can read about in more detail in our Reviews Policy. We feel this will be a positive change.

We decided to do this, in-part, because we want to make sure people not only focus on our text, but also because we felt that the quality of the reviews we publish, and the overall quality of the games themselves, make the need for a numeric rating system obsolete. Our old system attempted to combat score inflation, but we realized that any game we rated as a 7 or higher we were more than likely to recommend that our readers play – so why not simplify things?

Our reviews will still cover the basics and will continue to be high-quality content, especially where story and gameplay are concerned. You can see the new rating system at work with our Narcosis and Kona reviews.

As usual with any of our site changes, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Joanna Nelius – Editor in Chief


Recommend: This game excels in two or more areas and provides players with a rewarding experience. Perfection is not an absolute prerequisite for a recommendation, but what flaws this game has (if any) do little to detract from everything the game has done right. A detailed world, an emotional story – this game pulls out all the stops, and the amount of work that has gone into it is clear.


Consider: While this game may excel in one or more areas, those who have yet to play it should take into consideration the shortcomings explained in the review, whether that would be a lackluster story, mechanical issues, genre-related content, or anything in-between. Some players may still enjoy the experience, but others may not. Please note that a ‘Consider’ rating is not a neutral rating.


Avoid: This game has severe shortcomings in two or more areas that heavily dampen the players’ experience. Whether mechanical issues make it frustrating to progress efficiently or the story seems like it never left the first draft stage, there are flaws severe enough for us to say that your time and money would be better spent on something else.